Round Robin
Yerevan, Armenia
9-16 January

The 13th Andranik Margaryan Memorial


Dear chess players, the Chess Academy of Armenia has the pleasure to announce that the 13th Andranik Margaryan Memorial Swiss Tournament will be organized from January 08 to 16, 2023.

The tournament will be held in different age groups.

Those who have the following qualifications are eligible to participate in the tournaments:

A1 tournament: with a national rating (girls and region participants at least I chess rank)

A2 tournament- at least I chess rank

A3 tournament -at least II chess rank

A4 tournament -at least III chess rank / participants from region – at least IV rank

A5 tournament – at least IV rank/ participants from region – at least 1st norm IV rank

B tournament –In 2011- at least II chess rank, In 2012- at least III chess rank, In 2013- at least IV chess rank,                  2014-2015- at least at least 1st norm IV rank (participants from region in 2013 at least 1st norm IV rank) 

National and international (FIDE) ratings will be calculated in A1 and A2 tournaments. The participants of A1 and A2 tournaments must have FIDE ID / in order to acquire FIDE ID apply to the Armenian Chess Federation due December 20 /Tel. 010-570758/.


In case of questions please feel free to contact us by the following phone numbers: (010) 44 84 73, (043) 44 84 73

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